Tech Event – NVIDIA Keynote 2024

During Nvidia’s AI event – ​​NVIDIA Keynote 2024, held live on YouTube, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang introduced a series of new products and technologies.

He introduced Blackwell, a new platform with Hopper Architecture and Blackwell chips , capable of communicating with each other powerfully and efficiently, opening up new potentials for high-performance computing and AI systems.

Tech Event - NVIDIA Keynote 2024 - 4TechNews

Blackwell offers a range of new features, including the ability to connect chips together consistently and efficiently, while also providing very high data transfer speeds. It is also compatible with existing GPU Hopper systems, making upgrades easy and cost-effective.

In addition, during the NVIDIA Keynote 2024 event , the company also introduced a series of other new technologies, called MVP LinkSwitch , a powerful tool for connecting GPUs together effectively. They also announced a number of major partners, including AWS, Google, Oracle and Microsoft, that have committed to using Nvidia’s new technologies.

Nvidia also introduced Nvidia AI Foundry, a platform that helps companies build and deploy complex AI systems. They also announced a series of leading partners, including SAP, ServiceNow, Cohesity, Snowflake and NetApp, that have collaborated to develop new AI applications using Nvidia technology.

Finally, Nvidia launched the GROOT project , a robotization project with the goal of creating robots capable of learning and performing everyday tasks automatically. This project is powered by Jetson Thor , a new computing platform from Nvidia, and new machine learning technologies such as Isaac Lab and OSMO.

The event ended with a demonstration by two robots from Disney Research, equipped with Nvidia’s Jetson chips, showing advances in robotics and AI. Nvidia’s CEO asserted that Blackwell is a great combination of performance and efficiency in its new GPU design.


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