NVIDIA Launches High-Performance Blackwell GPU And Many Modern Technologies

Recently, NVIDIA – The leading company in the field of AI chips, officially introduced its next generation Blackwell GPU architecture, representing an important step forward in Artificial Intelligence performance. With an incredible performance increase of up to 5x over the previous Hopper H100 GPU, the Blackwell architecture will redefine the power of artificial intelligence computing.

NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang, revealed a record investment of about $10 billion in research and development of the Blackwell architecture. This commitment is a testament to NVIDIA’s dedication to promoting technology innovation and creativity.

NVIDIA launched Blackwell GPU with high performance - 4TechNews

With a new architecture, NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs possess a series of groundbreaking features, creating new standards in artificial intelligence performance and efficiency:

  • Unprecedented power : With up to 208 billion transistors, Blackwell GPUs represent unparalleled computing power. Built on a custom TSMC 4NP fabrication process and featuring an advanced MCM Multi-Chip-Module ) design , this GPU achieves a breakthrough in artificial intelligence computing.
  • Advanced AI capabilities : NVIDIA’s second-generation Transformer Engine, equipped with support for new micro-tensor scaling and dynamic range management algorithms, enables Blackwell GPUs to double the compute capacity and model size. image. With new 4- bit floating-point AI inference capabilities , these GPUs deliver exceptional performance for demanding AI workflows.
  • Superior connectivity : Fifth generation NVLink (high-speed GPU connectivity) technology, Blackwell GPUs facilitate smooth communication between up to 576 GPUs, increasing performance for complex artificial intelligence models. With revolutionary two-way communication capabilities of up to 1.8TB/s per GPU, these GPUs redefine the boundaries of high-speed data processing.
  • Reliable and secure : Incorporating its own RAS Engine (Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability) , Blackwell GPUs ensure maximum uptime and flexibility for intelligence deployments. Artificial intelligence on a large scale. Advanced security features, including secure compute and native interface encryption protocols, protect AI models and sensitive data without affecting performance.
  • Optimal data processing : Featuring its own data decompression engine, Blackwell GPUs accelerate data and scientific analysis, providing outstanding performance in database queries. As the field of data processing continues to advance, these GPUs will enable significant advances in GPU-powered computational tasks.

By adopting chiplet design (a small chip that performs a specific function) and investing in technological innovation, NVIDIA is ready to shape the future of artificial intelligence computing and accelerate developments in industry.

Positioned as a high-end chip line for artificial intelligence computing, NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs range in price from $30,000 to $40,000 , making it a worthy investment given its advanced capabilities.

Although the cost of developing the Blackwell architecture is huge, the potential it brings is huge. As artificial intelligence continues to penetrate various fields, from healthcare to finance, the demand for high-performance computing will certainly continue to increase.

Moving forward, NVIDIA Blackwell architecture sets a new standard for AI computing, delivering unprecedented performance and efficiency. The Blackwell B200 GPU will further solidify NVIDIA’s leading position in the AI ​​chip market.


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