Black Shark launched a smart ring with 180-day battery life

Black Shark, a gaming company backed by Xiaomi, has just launched a smart wearable device designed for gamers and sports and health lovers. Black Shark Ring has an impressive battery life of up to 180 days through its charging case.As of 2022, the brand has not introduced any new gaming phone models, causing speculation about the company’s future. Black Shark surprised the technology community with the sudden launch of the Black Shark Ring.

Black Shark launched a smart ring with 180-day battery life - 4TechNews

Shared on Black Shark’s official Weibo account, this cutting-edge device promises a combination of style, features and impressive battery life. The device has two outstanding color options: Silver – Black and Red – Black with a thickness of only 2.2mm. One highlight is the ring’s thin central black border, which widens at a key point. Black Shark emphasized the inclusion of Smart Touch technology, presumably as a black area on the outer surface of the ring.

One of the outstanding features of the Black Shark Ring is its comprehensive health monitoring capabilities. Users can real-time track vital metrics like heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and even body temperature, keeping them informed about their health.

Although specific details about Ring’s standalone battery life have yet to be revealed. Black Shark ensures that the included charging case makes charging convenient. Impressively, the charging box increases the device’s battery life up to 180 days, allowing for continuous use.

According to posts on Weibo, the Black Shark Ring appears to offer similar features to wearables like the Oura Ring and Galaxy Ring , but at a lower price. Priced at around US$82 (about 599 yuan), the Black Shark Ring is positioned as a popular yet feature-packed option.

Primarily focused on workout management and sleep monitoring, Black Shark Ring caters to users looking for comprehensive health information. With the ability to track steps, distance traveled and energy consumed through running, walking and cycling modes, users can easily monitor their physical activity levels.

Furthermore, the device integrates an advanced sleep monitoring function, analyzing sleep quality based on factors such as heart rate variability (HRV) and other parameters. While other health measurements are yet to be revealed, the Black Shark Ring aims to bring a comprehensive approach to health monitoring.

With its ultra-slim design and impressive battery life of up to 180 days, thanks to the included charging case, the Black Shark Ring sets a new standard in wearable technology. Currently available in China, a global release is still uncertain, however, speculation is that a global version from Xiaomi may be launched at a later date.


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