Apple ring Rumors Heat Up: Could it Rival Samsung’s Smart Ring?

Whispers of Apple’s foray into the Smart Ring arena are getting louder, with Korean reports claiming the tech giant is speeding up development of an Apple Ring. This potential challenger to Samsung’s Galaxy Ring, teased in January, could be Apple’s answer to the growing demand for discreet yet powerful health trackers.

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Apple has long flirted with the idea, evidenced by numerous patents for finger-worn devices. Industry insiders believe the time is ripe, thanks to Samsung’s imminent launch and CEO Tim Cook’s philosophy of “being the best, not first.”

The report, citing the Electronic Times, suggests Apple is closely monitoring the market, recognizing the potential of Smart Rings as less intrusive alternatives to watches. These rings offer longer wearability and potentially smoother sleep tracking.

Sources claim Apple is seriously considering adding the Apple Ring to its wearables lineup, evident by the increasing patent applications related to NFC-enabled, finger-worn devices. The timing of release seems strategic, aligning with potential market readiness for both Apple Ring and other Smart Rings.

Meanwhile, Samsung is gearing up to unveil its Galaxy Ring at its second Unpacked event later this year. This ring, expected to enter mass production soon, boasts features like blood flow measurement, ECG monitoring, sleep tracking, and device control functionalities.

Currently, Oura Ring, launched in 2015 by Finnish Health Technology Oura, holds the smart ring crown. Offering activity, heart rate, sleep, and (in its latest version) body temperature and menstrual cycle tracking, it transmits data via Bluetooth and boasts a week-long battery life. However, its recent subscription model has drawn criticism.


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