LinkedIn is testing a short video feature similar to TikTok

LinkedIn is testing a form of short video content similar to TikTok, following a trend that has been implemented by other platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Netflix.

This new feature, discovered by an account named Austin Null from McKinney, introduces a dedicated “Videos” tab in the navigation bar.

This tab allows users to scroll through short videos that focus on professional content . While users have always had the option to post videos on LinkedIn, this dedicated feed is intended to increase engagement and discovery by providing easy-to-consume content.

As a Microsoft-owned platform, LinkedIn is aiming to satisfy users’ preference for video learning, especially from experts and professionals.

The feature’s roll-out coincides with the growing popularity of TikTok authors, who have attracted a significant following by sharing information about career development, job searching, and growth. professional development.

By adding a video feed, LinkedIn is giving these authors another channel to share their content and possibly expand their audience.

It’s possible that LinkedIn could explore ways to commercialize the feed in the future to encourage authors to use the platform for their video content.

Although this feature is still in early testing, it could provide authors with a new platform to share career-related advice and experiences.

However, some users may feel oppressed by the growing number of short video feeds on different platforms.


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