Milestone: First neuralink tecipient vontrols Mario Kart with mind

In a groundbreaking demonstration, the inaugural patient equipped with a Neuralink brain-computer interface showcased his ability to play Nintendo’s Mario Kart using only his thoughts, labeling the experience as “lifechanging” during a company-wide event shared on the social media platform X-formerly-Twitter.

First neuralink tecipient vontrols Mario Kart with mind - 4TechNews

Reflecting on his journey, Noland Arbaugh, the 29-year-old recipient of the Neuralink device, expressed gratitude and excitement, remarking, “It’s been a wild ride,” during the celebratory gathering.

Arbaugh, who faces quadriplegia due to a swimming accident, necessitating the use of a wheelchair, emphasized the potential impact of this technology, stating, “This is going to change the world.”

The event featured a captivating demonstration where Arbaugh, serving as an honorary guest, engaged in gameplay, controlling the character Bowser in Mario Kart. Despite challenges, his performance on the track was remarkable, as captured in the split-screen video showcased during the meeting.

In another heartening display, Arbaugh was shown playing Mario Kart at home with his father, expressing joy and gratitude for his involvement in the Neuralink project.

The precision of Arbaugh’s control, evident in his ability to navigate and execute actions within the game, including targeting opponents, underscores the remarkable dexterity enabled by the Neuralink implant.

Beyond gaming, Arbaugh has demonstrated proficiency in playing strategy games like Civilization VI, showcasing the versatility of the technology.

The announcement of Neuralink’s successful implantation into a human subject earlier in January, by founder Elon Musk, preceded this momentous demonstration.

This demonstration arrives amidst a challenging period for Neuralink, marked by negative publicity surrounding reports of adverse outcomes in experimental trials involving primates.

Arbaugh’s demonstration serves as a beacon of progress, potentially assuaging concerns and skepticism surrounding Neuralink’s endeavors.

However, addressing concerns transparently, including publishing quantifiable results regarding safety and efficacy, is crucial to fostering trust among investors and potential beneficiaries of the technology.

What will happen if Elon Musk successfully merges humans and AI?

According to Business Insider, Elon Musk has revealed that Neuralink will help humans achieve a level of “symbiosis” with artificial intelligence (AI), to avoid humanity being “left behind” as this technology develops. Future.

On social network trust between humans and AI (as well as between humans and humans) at many higher levels.”


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