Agricultural automation – Advanced drone technology

Amazed by the Israeli people’s 2-apple machine that runs day and night. You will be surprised to see these incredibly skillful automatic drones harvesting apples.

This machine was developed by an Israeli technology start-up called TAVEL. It consists of 6 drones connected directly to an automated vehicle located on the ground. Each drone is equipped with a 50cm long robotic arm and it can fly 5m high.

It hovers next to and picks apples using a mechanism that firmly sucks the apple into the robot arm, then rotates slightly to separate the apple from the wing. Each apple was then gently placed in a bomb collection box to avoid being crushed. These drones are also designed to never have a sudden power cut causing damage.

The automatic apple harvesting machine can work day and night, helping to improve labor productivity much more than normal people.

Besides, each drone is equipped with a high-resolution camera. From the image signal sent, through the programmed AI system, it helps distinguish the color and size of each apple, helping the drone not mistakenly pick green apples.


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