Runway Gen-2: AI-powered Animation unveils Multi Motion Brush

Runway Gen-2 has introduced the Multi Motion Brush, a powerful multimodal AI system designed for video generation using text, images, and video clips. This feature builds upon the November update, which brought a brush capable of animating specific elements within static images. Unlike its predecessor, the Multi Motion Brush extends its functionality to animate various objects within an image.

Runway Gen-2 AI-powered Animation unveils Multi Motion Brush - 4TechNews

As showcased in the video above, users can apply diverse animations to different areas of an image with just a few vibrant strokes. For instance, one can make the waves gently ebb and flow, while simultaneously causing clouds to drift lazily across the sky. The resulting motion is surprisingly sophisticated, considering the simplicity of the feature’s user interface.

This capability opens up exciting possibilities for animating dynamic elements, such as explosions. While Runway Gen-2 can already generate animations using its text-to-video option, the Multi Motion Brush provides an additional tool for more intricate and customized AI-powered animations.

Runway continues to enhance its software with regular updates, introducing innovative features every few months. In December, the company announced a strategic partnership with Getty Images, a creative content library, to collaborate on a new AI video model tailored for enterprise customers.

Runway introduced the Multi Motion Brush for Gen-2 so you can apply different animations to several elements in static images

Runway offers licenses starting at $12, but users can also access its tools for free with certain limitations. Explore the possibilities by trying it out here. For more insights and updates, join our 80 Level Talent platform and connect with us on our Telegram channel, as well as on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We share breakdowns, the latest news, remarkable artworks, and more.


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