Bloomberg: Apple Aims for 2028 Release Date for its Electric Vehicle

Since 2015, Project Titan, Apple’s venture into electric cars, has been in progress. However, the initiative has encountered numerous delays and witnessed frequent changes in leadership. Originally envisioning a fully autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel, these ambitious plans have faced challenges in recent years.

Bloomberg: Apple Aims for 2028 Release Date for its Electric Vehicle - 4TechVIews

Under the guidance of Apple VP Kevin Lynch since 2021, the company has established a new launch date for its inaugural vehicle: 2028, as reported by Bloomberg today.

Despite almost a decade of investment in autonomous driving technology, Apple has had to acknowledge the impracticality of its vision for a car without a steering wheel.

According to Bloomberg, the 2028 car will incorporate limited autonomy features, aligning with offerings from other electric vehicle manufacturers like Tesla. The Apple vehicle will necessitate drivers to remain attentive and be prepared to take control, mirroring the current Tesla Autopilot system on roads and highways. This corresponds to a Level 2+ system, a shift from Project Titan’s initial goal of achieving Level 4 autonomy.

The potential for Apple to enhance the system through software updates exists, adapting to the evolving international regulatory landscape.

Bloomberg reports that Apple’s board pressured Tim Cook last year to present a plan for either shipping Project Titan or scrapping the project entirely. The report emphasizes that the project has yet to produce a viable prototype.

With the revised autonomy specifications, Apple seems poised to progress successfully, led by Kevin Lynch. However, doubts linger regarding the level of innovation in the first Apple car. Bloomberg warns that some employees criticize the plans, suggesting it might be perceived as a ‘me-too product.’


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